Grammar is Hard

To write is to never stop learning.

Whether it’s research for your main character’s job as a brain surgeon or the medieval village where your story takes place, a writer needs to be constantly learning new things.

But this post isn’t about that type of learning. This post is about school.

Class notes on grammar

Last week, I started a grammar course. Not relearning. Not freshening up. I thought I knew grammar. After all, I graduated from high school with honors. I spent five years in University studying Art, Philosophy, English, Anthropology, and Cultural Studies, among other things. But, as it turns out, I know precious little on the topic.

I signed up for a course called Grammar for Editors and Writers at George Brown College downtown thinking it would be a gentle segue back into academic life. It’s the first course in a certificate program for editing and meant to be a refresher. It is not. I fear I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

It’s a good thing I like a challenge. I’ve been studying up on all things grammar in a rush to memorize the terminology and get comfortable picking apart sentences. Wish me luck!

A New Year of Writing

The latest entry in my Writing Journal with my new pen and a cup of tea.
Getting ready for the New Year

I’ve made it through 2018 and it was a hell of a ride.

This past year, I managed to finish the first draft of a novel that I’m still excited about and eager to complete. I’ve made good headway into my first rewrite after rejigging the outline and synopsis numerous times, each time paring away the excess, digging into the meat of the story and falling in love with my characters.

Even though I’ve been alone most of the time, I haven’t felt particularly lonely. I spend my day with friends and enemies on the page and it’s surprising how much comfort they give me, which is, I suppose, a way of loving myself.

In December, I met a few women as interested in starting up a local writer’s group as I am and we will meet for the first time on the 16th. Maybe we can even encourage a few others to join in.

I signed up for a course at George Brown College which is the first in a series of courses leading to a certificate in Editing. I’m nervous and excited at the prospect. I love learning and school and the stationary gathering that precedes it.

Do you see the large black disc bound notebook in the above photograph? That’s for school. It’s so much nicer than a binder and so much more personal than a laptop. We’ll see how long I get along with my computer before I cave.

Lamy Studio fountain pen lying on my Writing Journal opened to the latest entry
Lamy Studio fountain pen in 2017 LE Racing Green.

The pictured pen is my current pride and joy. It’s a Lamy Studio fountain pen in the now discontinued 2017 Limited Edition colour Racing Green. It’s slim and heavy and sleek and lovely. I can’t write at length with it because my hand cramps up due to my death grip habit but I love it anyway. Right now, it’s filled with Jacques Herbin 1670 Emerald of Chivor fountain pen ink which is a lovely colour although I’m unsure whether I’m attracted to it for the colour or the name. Emerald of Chivor. Emerald of Chivor. Try saying that without conjuring images of manner houses with drawing rooms.

As part of my New Year prep, it’s now time to clean out last year’s planner and get ready for a brand new set of unmet goals and unchecked checklists. And the smell of new paper and unnecessary stamps and stickers. Off I go!