Grammar is Hard

To write is to never stop learning.

Whether it’s research for your main character’s job as a brain surgeon or the medieval village where your story takes place, a writer needs to be constantly learning new things.

But this post isn’t about that type of learning. This post is about school.

Class notes on grammar

Last week, I started a grammar course. Not relearning. Not freshening up. I thought I knew grammar. After all, I graduated from high school with honors. I spent five years in University studying Art, Philosophy, English, Anthropology, and Cultural Studies, among other things. But, as it turns out, I know precious little on the topic.

I signed up for a course called Grammar for Editors and Writers at George Brown College downtown thinking it would be a gentle segue back into academic life. It’s the first course in a certificate program for editing and meant to be a refresher. It is not. I fear I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

It’s a good thing I like a challenge. I’ve been studying up on all things grammar in a rush to memorize the terminology and get comfortable picking apart sentences. Wish me luck!