Recharging My Creative Batteries

I took a long weekend off of my research and editing and I’m glad I did.

Instead of spending my time tired and frustrated and writing myself into corners I couldn’t see my way out of, I went hiking.

One of my ongoing goals is to hike the entire Bruce Trail from end to end, starting at the Queenston cairn near Niagara Falls. This weekend, I hiked from Rockway to Balls Falls with my partner. It was lovely – not too hot, clear skies, and nary another group in sight.

Map of Bruce Trail, Rockway to Balls Falls

We shared are lunch space with this little fellow.

A garter snake

I came home exhausted and sore and ready to see my work with fresh eyes. Today, I sat down and got to work, coming up with stuff I was too dragged out to come up with before.

Worth it.